Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'List of subjects in Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries': Accessory meningeal artery Anterior auricular branches of superficial temporal artery Anterior superior alveolar arteries Anterior tympanic artery Aortic arch Artery of the pterygoid canal Ascending aorta Ascending palatine artery Ascending pharyngeal artery Auricular branch Brachiocephalic artery Buccal artery Caroticotympanic arteries Carotid body Carotid triangle Common carotid artery Cricothyroid branch of superior thyroid artery Deep auricular artery Deep lingual artery Descending branch of occipital artery Descending palatine artery Dorsal lingual branches of lingual artery Facial artery Frontal branch of superficial temporal artery Glandular branches of facial artery Inferior alveolar artery Inferior labial artery Inferior tympanic artery Infraorbital artery Lacrimal artery Left coronary artery Masseteric artery Maxillary artery Medial palpebral arteries Meningeal branch Middle meningeal artery Middle temporal artery Muscle Muscular triangle Occipital artery Occipital branch of posterior auricular artery Ophthalmic artery Parietal branch Pharyngeal branch Posterior auricular artery Posterior lateral nasal arteries Posterior meningeal artery Posterior superior alveolar artery Pterygoid branches of maxillary artery Pulmonary artery