Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Louse': Order (biology) Species Bird Mammal Obligate parasite Parasitism Bat Cetacea Echidna Eutheria Monotreme Pangolin Platypus Eye Simple eyes in arthropods Antenna (biology) Cercus Thorax Insect mouthparts Blood Sebaceous gland Skin Parthenogenesis Egg (biology) Nit Saliva Personal grooming Exopterygota Nymph (biology) Amblycera Chewing louse Haematomyzus Head-louse infestation Mastication Paraphyly Pediculosis Psocoptera Sucking louse Suction Warthog Treatment of human head lice Body louse Crab louse Head louse DNA Moccasin Use of DNA in forensic entomology Whale louse Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of Florida