Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Mascot Pictures Corporation': Serial film Western (genre) 1929 in film Sound film The King of the Kongo Universal Studios Film producer Nat Levine Republic Pictures 1926 in film Marcus Loew The Silent Flyer California State Route 2 1931 in film Great Depression Mack Sennett The Phantom of the West Movie studio 1935 in film Gene Autry The Phantom Empire Consolidated Film Industries Herbert Yates Monogram Pictures 1932 in film 1933 in film Fighting with Kit Carson The Adventures of Rex and Rinty The Last of the Mohicans (serial) The Shadow of the Eagle Burn 'Em Up Barnes King of the Wild Mystery Mountain (serial) The Devil Horse The Fighting Marines The Galloping Ghost (serial) The Hurricane Express The Law of the Wild The Lightning Warrior The Lone Defender The Lost Jungle The Miracle Rider The Mystery Squadron The Three Musketeers (1933 serial) The Vanishing Legion The Wolf Dog Darkest Africa The Ace of Scotland Yard Studio City, Los Angeles, California Franklin Adreon