Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Michael Atiyah': 1929 April 22 Mathematician Order of Merit Royal Society Royal Society of Edinburgh University of Leicester University of Edinburgh Friedrich Hirzebruch Graeme Segal Isadore Singer Nigel Hitchin Raoul Bott Simon Donaldson Algebraic topology Topological K-theory Atiyah–Singer index theorem Differential equation Instanton Monopole Quantum field theory Theoretical physics Abel Prize Copley Medal Fields Medal Edward Atiyah Hampstead Lebanon London Scottish people Patrick Atiyah Alexandria Cairo Khartoum Nobility Victoria College, Alexandria World War II Conscription in the United Kingdom England Higher School Certificate (UK) Manchester Grammar School Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Postgraduate education Undergraduate education Doctorate W. V. D. Hodge Institute for Advanced Study Lecturer University of Cambridge Professor