Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Monophyly': Clade Cladistics Taxon Holophyly Paraphyly Polyphyly Linnaean taxonomy Reptile PhyloCode Carl Linnaeus Archaeopteryx Aculeata Aigialosauridae Asterids Atelocerata Crown group Empidoidea Equinae Equini Filozoa Form taxon Gentiana Great appendage Heteronemertea List of Acacia species Microlepidoptera Nemestrinoidea Neobathiea Nephrolenellus Obtectomera Outgroup Oxyropsis Physidae Species group Trypanosoma Vandeae Agrostistachydeae Andropadus Antelope Auchenipterus Basommatophora Bee Blow-fly Brassy ringlet Callophrys Cassidini Ceratolasmatidae Chalcididae Characidae Chytridiales