Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Mussel': Bivalvia Clam Common name Freshwater mussel Mollusca Byssus Mytilidae Hydrothermal vent Nacre Freshwater pearl mussel Unionidae Class (biology) Taxonomy Dreissenidae Zebra mussel Heterodonta Calcium carbonate Periostracum Conchiolin Dog whelk Filter feeder Plankton Cilium Gill Sessility (zoology) Gonochorism Glochidium Aggressive mimicry Cyst Gastropoda Human Muricidae Predation Sea star Food and Agriculture Organization Prince Edward Island Cultured freshwater pearls Blue mussel New Zealand green-lipped mussel French language Intertidal zone French fries Bay of Biscay Kebab Rakı Turkey Cantonese cuisine New Zealand Vinaigrette Rationing