Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Mutillidae': Ant Family (biology) Female Wasp Common name Cattle Amber Dominican Republic Bee Integumentary system Vespoidea Sexual dimorphism Tiphiidae Hymenoptera Ovipositor Metasoma Stridulation Mesosoma Petiole (insect) Prothorax Nectar Guido Nonveiller Stenothermic Thermophile Larva Pupa Parasitoid Europe Tropic Desert Mexico North America Sand Southwestern United States Palearctic ecozone Lancaster County UNL Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of Florida Dasymutilla Pappognatha Phidippus cardinalis Phidippus whitmani Entomophagous parasite Ogdenia Phidippus johnsoni Aposematism Insect wing Bembix rostrata Parasitoid wasp