Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Name at birth': Birth certificate Norm (sociology) Parent Birth Legal name Adoption Baptism Diminutive Divorce Family name Given name Middle name Surname Childhood Connotation Marriage Married and maiden names Name change Nickname Pen name Personal name Pseudonym Ring name Stage name Ania (singer) Buatier De Kolta Buffie the Body Carter Scholz David Thewlis Henrik, Prince Consort of Denmark Les Battersby-Brown Mark Evaloarjuk Monna Bell Muwallil Wasit I Ossi Runne Piers Morgan Sister Mary Prema Wang Xin Dream, Fulfilled Dream, Interrupted Miyatake Gaikotsu Nalan Xingde Saint-Martial-sur-Né Schuster Vance Tiya Gandwani Todd Lamb Borney Bergantine Mayumi Itsuwa Felix von Luckner Lucy Stone