Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Name conflicts with minor planets': Solar System Natural satellite Centaur (minor planet) Classical mythology Jupiter Trojan Callisto (moon) Europa (moon) Galilean moons Ganymede (moon) Io (moon) Naming of moons 106 Dione 52 Europa 577 Rhea 593 Titania 85 Io Dione (moon) Jupiter Rhea (moon) Saturn Titania (moon) Uranus 9 Metis Metis (moon) 24 Themis Themis (hypothetical moon) 38 Leda Leda (moon) 55 Pandora Pandora (moon) 74 Galatea Galatea (moon) Neptune 113 Amalthea Amalthea (moon) Camille Flammarion 171 Ophelia Ophelia (moon) 239 Adrastea Adrastea (moon) Ananke (moon) 666 Desdemona Desdemona (moon) 1810 Epimetheus Epimetheus (moon) 1809 Prometheus Prometheus (moon) 2758 Cordelia Cordelia (moon) 4450 Pan