Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Nebula Award for Best Novel': Nebula Award Novel Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Hugo Award for Best Novel List of science fiction awards City on Fire (novel) Metropolitan (novel) Soldier of the Mist The Boat of a Million Years A Midsummer Tempest A Time of Changes Ancient Shores Babel-17 Bones of the Earth Camouflage (novel) Chthon (novel) Cloud Atlas (novel) Darwin's Radio Diplomatic Immunity (novel) Dreamsnake Dune (novel) Fourth Mansions Gateway (novel) Inferno (novel) Kalki (novel) Larry Niven Lord of Light Man Plus Mars Crossing Mockingbird (1980 novel) Moving Mars No Enemy But Time Perfect Circle (novel) Radix (novel) Seeker (novel) Slow River Tea with the Black Dragon Tehanu The Einstein Intersection The Falling Woman The Genocides The Gods Themselves The Healer's War The Heritage of Hastur The Man Who Folded Himself The Moon and the Sun The Mount (novel) The Snow Queen (novel) The Terminal Experiment Time Enough for Love