Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Noar Hill': East Hampshire Nature reserve Selborne Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Newton Valence Chalk South Downs Gilbert White Arable land Fagus sylvatica Fertilizer Middle Ages Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Coppicing Corylus avellana Microclimate Calcicole Arabis Dropwort Flax Oregano Polygala Rose Thyme Campanula Euphrasia Buxus Francis Rose Gentianaceae Broomrape Juniperus communis Primula veris Orchidaceae Common spotted orchid Fragrant orchid Frog Orchid Musk Orchid Ophrys Orchis mascula Pyramidal orchid Southern Marsh Orchid Spiranthes spiralis Selborne Common Fairy shrimp Lampyris Brown Argus Brown Hairstreak Hamearis lucina Holly Blue Marbled White