Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Pope Eugene III': 1153 July 8 Pope Cistercians Pisa Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Pisa Bernard of Clairvaux Clairvaux Scandriglia Pope Innocent II Arnold of Brescia Commune of Rome Farfa Abbey Giordano Pierleoni Patrician (ancient Rome) Siena Viterbo Conrad III Crusades Diet (assembly) Louis VII of France Papal bull Quantum praedecessores Siege of Edessa Speyer Europe Paris Reims Trier Hildegard of Bingen Italy April 8 Eleanor of Aquitaine Ptolemy II of Tusculum Tusculum November 7 Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor Vatican City 1145 Cardinals created by Eugene III Council of Reims (1148) Jordan of Santa Susanna Militia Dei Papal election, 1145 Papal election, 1153 Treaty of Constance (1153) Alain, Bishop of Auxerre Baldwin of Exeter Cosmas of Aphrodisia Hugh (Archbishop of Palermo)