Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Pregap': Red Book (audio CD standard) Hidden track Windows 95 Blue Book specification Queens of the Stone Age Exact Audio Copy 311 (band) Adventures in Stereo AFI (band) Agoraphobic Nosebleed Altered States of America Decemberunderground Transistor (311 album) Very Proud of Ya Alcazar (band) Alcazarized Anal Cunt Astronomy for Dogs The Aliens The Doors 13 (Die Ärzte album) Arcturus (band) Armor for Sleep Art Brut Bang Bang Rock & Roll La Masquerade Infernale What to Do When You Are Dead Geräusch As Cities Burn Autechre Bang Camaro Bang Camaro (album) Beastie Boys Bernie Williams Béla Fleck and the Flecktones David St. Hubbins EP7 Hell or High Water (album) Hello Nasty Jazz ist anders Little Worlds New York Yankees Spinal Tap (band) Ben Folds Five Better Than Ezra Black Moth Super Rainbow Blind Melon Blink-182 Blink-182 (album) Bloc Party