Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Prior': Ecclesiology Title Abbot Rule of Saint Benedict Cluniac Reforms Provost (religion) Camaldolese Cistercians Hirsau Abbey Vallumbrosan Order Order of Saint Benedict Premonstratensian Dean (Christianity) Grand Master (order) Cluny Abbey Coadjutor bishop Carthusian Grande Chartreuse Lucca Master general Order of Christ (Portugal) Sovereign Military Order of Malta Abbot of Dunfermline Anthelm of Belley Augustyn Kordecki Bridgetown Abbey Brother Alois Cyril of Constantinople Dominic of Evesham Godfrey of Cambrai Henry de Abergavenny Henry Holbeach Hugh Whitehead Illtyd Trethowan John Roberts (martyr) Manifestation of Conscience Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem Nonnosus Patrick Fahey Prior of Christ Church Priory Simeon (abbot) Stephen de Pa Thomas Chillenden Thomas Dingley Thomas Goldwell Thomas Manning (bishop) Walcher of Malvern William Barlow (bishop of Chichester) William Chillenden