Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Private (rank)': Military rank Ranks and insignia of NATO armies enlisted Soldier Feudalism Middle Ages Napoleon I of France Commonwealth of Nations United Kingdom United States Australian Army Aviation Australian Army Band Corps Australian Special Air Service Regiment Digger (soldier) Gunner (rank) Musician Royal Australian Armoured Corps Royal Australian Corps of Signals Royal Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Royal Australian Engineers Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery Sapper Signalman (rank) Trooper (rank) World War I Army Recruit Training Centre (Australia) Canadian Forces Chevron (insignia) Able Seaman (rank) Canadian Military Engineers Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Branch Foot Guards Fusilier Guardsman Ordinary Seaman (rating) Personnel branch Rifle Rifleman Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery Germany Schütze Private (rank) Gefreiter Obergefreiter Irish Army Irish language Corporal Brazilian Armed Forces Portuguese Armed Forces Royal Netherlands Army