Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Proof coinage': Coin Collecting Die (manufacturing) Numismatics Polishing Rim (coin) Frost United States Mint Dime (United States coin) Half dollar (United States coin) Nickel (United States coin) Penny (United States coin) Quarter (United States coin) Commemorative coin 50 State Quarters Silver Mint mark Precious metal Uncirculated coin Los Angeles XXIII Olympiad dollar Ireland 1995 commemorative 1 pound coin Marine Corps 230th Anniversary Silver Dollar 2000 Library of Congress bimetallic ten dollar coin Coins of Bophuthatswana Jamestown 400th Anniversary gold five dollar coin Jamestown 400th Anniversary silver dollar Louis E. Eliasberg San Francisco Old Mint San Francisco Old Mint Gold Sixpence (British coin) Commemorative coins of the Soviet Union Regular issue coinage American Buffalo (coin) American Platinum Eagle Cochinchina Piastre Early United States commemorative coins American Silver Eagle 1894-S Barber Dime Double Eagle Commemorative coins of the United Kingdom Kennedy half dollar Coins of the United States dollar Non-circulating legal tender American Gold Eagle Perth Mint Two-cent piece (United States coin) Coins of the Australian pound United States bicentennial coinage Euro gold and silver commemorative coins (Monaco) Three-dollar piece