Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Queen consort': Monarch Royal and noble ranks Title Queen regnant Antoine of Navarre Ferdinand II of Portugal Jure uxoris King consort Philip II of Spain Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Prince Prince consort Victoria of the United Kingdom Emperor Nintoku Empress Iwa-no hime Morocco Mohammed VI of Morocco Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco Constitution Statute Alfonso XIII of Spain Anne of Kiev Helen of Greece and Denmark Henry I of France Louis XIII of France Louis XVII of France Maria Christina of Austria Marie Antoinette Marie de' Medici Mary I of Scotland Mary of Guise Michael of Romania Queen dowager Queen mother Regent Alexandra Feodorovna (Alix of Hesse) Charles IV of Spain Maria Luisa of Parma Nicholas II of Russia Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall Charles, Prince of Wales Princess consort Realm Ferdinand II of Aragon Isabella I of Castile Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor Parliament of England Catholic Church Heir presumptive James II of England