Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Quest for Fire (film)': 1911 in literature 1981 in film J.-H. Rosny aîné Novel Everett McGill Gérard Brach Jean-Jacques Annaud Nicholas Kadi Rae Dawn Chong Ron Perlman Academy Award for Best Makeup Michael D. Moore Control of fire by early humans Paleolithic Europe Poultice Mammoth Atlatl Hut (dwelling) Pottery Cave bear César Award Genie Award Rotten Tomatoes Film adaptation Paleoanthropology Last glacial period Anatomically modern humans Homo (genus) Homo erectus Neanderthal Caveman Neanderthal extinction hypotheses Behavioral modernity Body ornamentation Body painting Gourd Headgear Jewellery Mask Origin of language Upper Paleolithic Red hair White people Multiracial Cro-Magnon Anthony Burgess Desmond Morris The Naked Ape (book) The Inheritors (William Golding) César Awards 1982