Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Rating system of the Royal Navy': Royal Navy Warship Carrack Grace Dieu (ship) Henry Grace à Dieu Mary Rose Galleon Charles I of England First-rate Fourth-rate Second-rate Third-rate Fifth-rate Sixth-rate Admiralty Samuel Pepys Line of battle Carronade Ship of the line Deck (ship) Upper deck East Indiaman Blockade Convoy Post-ship Corvette Sloop-of-war Bomb vessel Fire ship Napoleonic Wars Cannon Swivel gun HMS Cynthia (1796) HMS Armada (1810) French Navy HMS Bonne Citoyenne (1796) Brig Cutter Long ton Full rigged ship Ketch Sloop Snow (ship) Cutter (boat) Lieutenant Post-Captain France Seventy-four (ship) Type system of the Royal Navy Nicholas Rodger