Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Robert Peel': Conservative Party (UK) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Corn Laws Home Secretary Law enforcement in the United Kingdom Police Tory Lancashire Ramsbottom Sir Robert Peel, 1st Baronet Industrial Revolution Christ Church, Oxford Harrow School Hipperholme Grammar School Bury Grammar School Tamworth Tamworth (pig) Cashel (UK Parliament constituency) Rotten and pocket boroughs Tipperary Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington Chief Secretary for Ireland Maiden speech Speech from the throne Spencer Perceval Charles Abbot, 1st Baron Colchester Speaker of the British House of Commons William Pitt the Younger Bullion Committee Napoleonic Wars Chippenham Oxford University (UK Parliament constituency) Tamworth (UK Parliament constituency) Drayton Manor Theme Park Metropolitan Police Act 1829 Metropolitan Police Service Capital punishment Criminal law Peel's Acts Statute Prison George Canning Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool Catholic Emancipation Frederick Robinson, 1st Viscount Goderich Bill (proposed law) Constituency Daniel O'Connell Westbury (UK Parliament constituency) Scotland Yard