Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'SRY': Gene Sex Theria Y chromosome High mobility group Intron Transcription factor Testis determining factor Swyer syndrome XX male syndrome Klinefelter's syndrome X chromosome Chromosomal translocation Genotype Phenotype Gender verification in sports International Olympic Committee Olympic Games 1996 Summer Olympics Type I and type II errors 2000 Summer Olympics Androgen insensitivity syndrome Dopamine Parkinson's disease Schizophrenia Gene duplication SOX genes SOX3 Monotreme DMRT1 Eutheria Marsupial XY sex-determination system ZW sex-determination system Androgen receptor Protein-protein interaction SOX2 Transgender UBE1 Adam's Curse Fetal genital development DAX1 Sex organ Sex-determination system Gonad Defeminization and masculinization True hermaphroditism Prenatal development Sexual differentiation National Institute for Medical Research