Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Second Protectorate Parliament': 1656 1658 England February 4 September 17 Speaker of the British House of Commons Thomas Widdrington Cromwell's Other House January 20 June 26 Lord Protector Rule of the Major-Generals The Protectorate Anglo-Spanish War (1654) Instrument of Government Ireland Scotland English Council of State Bristol James Nayler Religious Society of Friends Grandee January 29 John Desborough Humble Petition and Advice Levellers First Protectorate Parliament Third Protectorate Parliament List of Parliaments of England 1658 in England Sir Arthur Onslow, 1st Baronet Thomas Bampfield 1656 in England Chaloner Chute Isle of Ely (UK Parliament constituency) Luke Robinson (1610-1669) Thomas Foote Thomas Grove Leeds (UK Parliament constituency) Richard Hampden Sir Charles Wolseley, 2nd Baronet Sir John Hobart, 3rd Baronet Sir John Yonge, 1st Baronet William Roberts (parliamentarian) Aylesbury (UK Parliament constituency) County Durham (UK Parliament constituency) East Looe (UK Parliament constituency) Lloyd Baronets Suffolk (UK Parliament constituency) William Boteler