Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Skipper (butterfly)': Butterfly Family (biology) Taxonomic rank Central America South America Hedylidae Neotropic ecozone Papilionoidea Antenna (biology) Crochet hook Clade Bibasis Firetips Giant Skippers Grass Skippers Hasora Skipperling Spread-winged skipper Trapezitinae Sex organ Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of Florida Aaron's Skipper Abantis Abaratha Abraximorpha Acallopistes Acerbas (skipper) Achalarus Achlyodes Acleros Acromecis Actinor radians Adlerodea Adopaeoides Adopoea Aegiale (skipper) Aella (skipper) Aeromachus Aeromachus dubius Aeromachus jhora Aeromachus kali Aeromachus pygmaeus Aethilla Agathymus Aides (skipper) Alenia (skipper) Alera Alerema Allora doleschallii