Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Spruce': Boreal Evergreen Pinaceae Pinophyta Taiga Temperateness Tree Cone (geometry) Whorl Pulvinus Larva Lepidoptera List of Lepidoptera that feed on spruces Gall adelgid Old French Prussia (region) Hanseatic League Norway Spruce Old Tjikko Sweden Conifer cone Morphology (biology) Basal (phylogenetics) Clade Picea breweriana Picea sitchensis Endemism Klamath Mountains North America Sitka, Alaska Forestry Picea engelmannii Picea brachytyla Picea chihuahuana Burma China Picea likiangensis Picea martinezii Mexico Picea maximowiczii Picea morrisonicola Taiwan Picea neoveitchii Caucasian Spruce Caucasus Turkey Schrenk's Spruce Morinda Spruce Picea spinulosa Picea wilsonii