Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Superheating': Metastability Steam engine Superheated water Superheater Boiling point Liquid Physics Temperature Nucleation Atmospheric pressure Vapor pressure Surface tension Microwave oven Flash evaporation Steam Instant coffee Alsace-Lorraine G 8.1 Bavarian Pt 2/3 Bubble chamber DRG Class 99.19 Hydrothermal explosion LAG Nos. 87 and 88 Plasma-based weaponry Prussian P 4 Prussian S 4 Steam explosion Black smoker BLE No. 44 Boiling chip Flash boiler LB&SCR I2 class LBE Nos. 1 to 3 LNWR Prince of Wales Class Microwave-related injury Palatine Pts 3/3 H Prussian T 12 Württemberg T 5 DRG Class 02 DRG Class 62 DRG Class 89.0 Prussian T 11 DR Class 83.10 DRG Class 71.0 LB&SCR I3 class LB&SCR J1 class LNWR Prince of Wales Tank Class LSWR 700 class Palatine P 5 Prussian G 8 Prussian S 9