Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'The Bash Street Kids': Comic book Comic strip The Beano United Kingdom 1954 February 13 Leo Baxendale Bash Street School Gown Inkwell Square academic cap D. C. Thomson & Co. High School of Dundee Little Plum Minnie the Minx Student Skull and crossbones Sweater Intelligence Wine gum Roger the Dodger Glasses Ugly Humour Plug (comics) Pup Parade Beezer Chimney sweep Grammatical gender Noun Savant syndrome Christmas pudding Necktie The Beano Annual Tomboy Dennis the Menace Nigel Parkinson Nose Tortoise Vest Dennis the Menace (UK) Blue Peter Calamity James Property caretaker Dyspepsia Substitute teacher Inspector Gadget Robot Science David Sutherland (comics artist)