Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Theclinae': Butterfly Family (biology) Lycaenidae Americas Tropics North America Phylogenetics Systematics Lumpers and splitters Tribe (biology) Monophyly Genus Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences University of Florida Grey Hairstreak Horaga Japonica saepestriata Rapala (butterfly) Surendra florimel Surendra vivarna Amblypodiini Aphnaeini Arhopalini Catapaecilmatini Deudorigini Eumaeini Horagini Hypolycaenini Hypotheclini Iolaini Lamasina Loxurini Oxylidini Remelanini Surendra (butterfly) Theclini Theritas Zesiini Cheritrini Luciini Lycaeninae Tomares (butterfly) Aldbury Nowers List of Australian butterflies Mud-puddling Argus Henry Edwards (entomologist) Ochoco Mountains Mimicry