Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Tributary': Main stem River Stream Drainage basin Groundwater Body of water Confluence Distributary Current (stream) Orography River delta Source (river or stream) Hierarchy Strahler number Abram Creek Adalin Adrian River Adâncata River (Bahluieţ) Adâncata River (Iminog) Afinetu River Afon Clun Afon Gwydderig Agigea River Agriş River (Crişul Alb) Agriş River (Nera) Agriş River (Şieu) Agrişteu River Agârbiciu River Agârcia River Agăstin River Ahar River Aisne (river) Albele River (Strâmbu) Albeşti River (Cungrea Mică) Albu River Alibeg River (Bârzava) Allegheny River Almetyevsk Almăşeni River Aluna River Aluniş River (Suceava) Aluniş River (Turia) Alunişu River (Nemţişor) Alunul River (Cracăul Alb) Alunul River (Jiu) Aluza River Amara River American River (Washington) Amnaş River Anderson River (British Columbia)