Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'Will Crooks': 1852 1921 April 6 Fabian Society June 5 Politician Poplar, London Workhouse Cooper (profession) English Poor Laws John Bright Richard Cobden Liverpool London Dock Strike of 1889 Stevedore London County Council Progressive Party (UK) Sidney Webb, 1st Baron Passfield Board of Guardians George Lansbury 1895 August 3 Island Gardens Isle of Dogs Old Royal Naval College Blackwall Tunnel Greenwich foot tunnel Woolwich foot tunnel Labour Party (UK) Member of Parliament Parliament of the United Kingdom Woolwich (UK Parliament constituency) Conservative Party (UK) Labour Representation Committee Liberal Party (UK) Arthur Henderson David Shackleton Keir Hardie Richard Bell (politician) Arthur Balfour House of Lords Pension H. H. Asquith Henry Campbell-Bannerman Tower Hamlets Cemetery Whitechapel Woolwich Free Ferry Eltham Woolwich Woolwich East by-election, 1921