Example image of eyePlorer eyePlorer map for 'William L. Dawson (politician)': 1886 1970 African American April 26 Illinois November 9 United States House of Representatives Albany, Georgia Chicago Chicago–Kent College of Law Evanston, Illinois Fisk University Latin honors Nashville, Tennessee Northwestern University United States Army World War I Bar association Illinois's 1st congressional district Republican Party (United States) Chicago City Council Democratic Party (United States) 1943 78th United States Congress January 3 Poll tax Mound Bayou, Mississippi Regional Council of Negro Leadership T. R. M. Howard Democratic National Committee 81st United States Congress 82nd United States Congress 84th United States Congress 91st United States Congress United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform John F. Kennedy President of the United States United States Postmaster General United States presidential election, 1960 Columbarium Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternities and sororities Dawson (surname) William Dawson William L. Dawson Archibald Carey, Jr. Patrick Nash Joseph H. Rainey House Anton Cermak Gus Alex